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Public Chat

KPN 28.09.2016 08:25


Acheron 28.09.2016 08:25


Guillerxgea 28.09.2016 08:24

Warrock Servers OFF or ON ?

Acheron 28.09.2016 08:20


Prestige 28.09.2016 08:17

server down?

UKPunisher 28.09.2016 07:51

I'm actually happy that I stopped playing this game, its a lost cause now

[H-MOD]ruhrpottx  28.09.2016 06:16


Panzerfahrer  28.09.2016 06:12


Spirit 28.09.2016 04:25

idk.. theres no announcement lol

luis1995 28.09.2016 04:19

how much time will take the maintenance??

Spirit 28.09.2016 04:17

wr under maintenance? No announcement tho? gg

cheifwahooo 28.09.2016 02:55

excuse my spelling lol

cheifwahooo 28.09.2016 02:55

off wwareock for 2 weeks. 3 games now, server is dead but somehow a hacker in each game. nexom needs to get their shit together

cheifwahooo 28.09.2016 02:54

letsallgetalong new hacker

Tracktor|BME 28.09.2016 00:07

Still waiting for Top 16 clan's unique symbols, too. laugh

Tracktor|BME 27.09.2016 23:57

I hope so. smile

NitrouEZ 27.09.2016 23:53

answer is coming soon

Tracktor|BME 27.09.2016 23:48

Tracktor|BME 27.09.2016 23:46

Sweet Dreams Wa-Sta! I hope you will be fine again as soon as possible.

[#1]Madrista 27.09.2016 23:44

Responsibility only a few can handle.

[#1]Madrista 27.09.2016 23:44

With power comes responsibility.

Tracktor|BME 27.09.2016 23:42


Tracktor|BME 27.09.2016 23:38


Sherlock 27.09.2016 23:37

Knowledge is Power.

Shooter 27.09.2016 23:37

oh really. rofl

Tracktor|BME 27.09.2016 23:37

Nothing smile

Shooter 27.09.2016 23:36

whats the problem here?

[#1]Madrista 27.09.2016 23:36

Most welcome.

Tracktor|BME 27.09.2016 23:36

I am not surprised. Thank you for answer.

[#1]Madrista 27.09.2016 23:35

No, I only believe in myself.

Tracktor|BME 27.09.2016 23:34

Do you believe God?

[#1]Madrista 27.09.2016 23:34

Hit me.

Tracktor|BME 27.09.2016 23:33

Do you want to hear another question? It is a simple one. No need long argues. smile

[#1]Madrista 27.09.2016 23:32

I'm not saying you are stupid, I said you act stupid. There's a difference.

Tracktor|BME 27.09.2016 23:32

Stupid like all other players? xd

[#1]Madrista 27.09.2016 23:31

Now I know who you are twinker

Tracktor|BME 27.09.2016 23:31

Sure, I agree.

[#1]Madrista 27.09.2016 23:31

It's not unnecessary, it's a need to learn something about life, learn something about other people.

Tracktor|BME 27.09.2016 23:31

That's why I say Good Night!

Tracktor|BME 27.09.2016 23:30

OK dude. I don't want to start another unnecessary dialog.

[#1]Madrista 27.09.2016 23:30

Shit autocorrection -.-

[#1]Madrista 27.09.2016 23:30


[#1]Madrista 27.09.2016 23:29

Besides, it's not me they hate, they hate themself, and I gladly remind them of it smile

[#1]Madrista 27.09.2016 23:28

I just know I'm right, already before the argument started, that's why none of you can compete, and always turn angry.

[#1]Madrista 27.09.2016 23:27

Always? Not always, when I'm wrong I'll gladly admit it.

Tracktor|BME 27.09.2016 23:26

I perfectly understand why all other people hate you so hard. Talking with you is fucking annoying. You ALWAYS think u are perfect. As a 4 years old spoiled girl.

[#1]Madrista 27.09.2016 23:25

Surprise surprise, typical answer from someone who isn't capable of giving a decent reply.

Tracktor|BME 27.09.2016 23:24

Surprises surprises. A typical answer from Madrista.

[#1]Madrista 27.09.2016 23:24

Put you in a corner, and the only reason you're out of that corner is because I let you.